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We have Izmir Izmir airport with airport transfers. After about 1 hour of flight time.This Istanbul Old City, the hotel we went. The hotel was very large and had a sea view of bosphorus. first we went to the Hippodrome and our tour guide told us very detailed information about Istanbul. numerous civilizations have lived in Istanbul and was the world capital ephesus tours , daily ephesus tours of culture in 2010. The emperor Constantine the first time Istanbul has been the capital city and has a very sheltered by huge  walls around the first istanbul. Beyazit had Ceberlitas Shot in the square and had a statue located on the horse belonging to Konstantin on this column. Cemberlitas made of marble dating back to the beginning was very spacious and a great King aksaray way. Jesus is the only city in the European part of the continent, a part of the Asian continent Istanbul.We went to the Hippodrome and the first gladiator battles here in Istanbul and horse races Taksim Hotels , Turkey Hotels  are held here and here olimipiyat arranged and used as arenas here. 2 obelisk brought from Egypt and the milk snake and finally getting the fountain was built by the German emperor gift Ottoman sultans. Hippodrome After a walk of about 10 minutes after we got the Topkapi Palace. Istanbul Sultan Mehmet in 1453 was the time of conquest and Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Topkapi palace mansion originally built in Baghdad and has increased the number of times the mansion. Topkapi palace dating back to the coast of starting over Hagia Sophia is decorated with a variety of flowers and trees. Especially if the school had received training Enderun intelligent children in the Ottoman Empire. In the end we went to the فنادق ترکیا , فنادق تقسیم harem, where the family and part of the Ottoman sultan women live. Finally, many precious stones and had the world’s largest treasury circle diamond exhibition.

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After we had a very nice journey for tours to airport. We went the Ephesus Tours first special cave hotel in Goreme zone. The Cave hotels If there is a natural warm in winter and cool in summer ventilation system. Cave hotel then we did a very nice bathroom had a Jacuzzi pool. Jacuzzi pool
massage are very relaxing and very enjoyable. We met with all our organic buffet breakfast, after which the tour guide. We attended private Cappadocia tours. Our tour guide told us very detailed information about Cappadocia and are especially cappadocia on a trade center The historic Silk Road.
We got up early in the morning Cappadocia is a spectacular and beautiful and we attended cappadocia balloon tours. Cappadocia is very exciting and it was awesome. In Cappadocia, we set out here if I was flying 250 meters above ground and many balloons. Cappadocia balloon tour was held after the celebration champagne.

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We participated in Cappadocia tours and private plane ride with approximately 1 hour after the Turkish Airlines we have Newseh airport. The hostesses were very courteous and polite. We went to special cave hotel in Urgup with private airport transfers. Cave hotel had a very large spacious room and the cave hotel with warm summers and cool winter had a natural ventilation system. We attended the first tour we met our guide and private tours. Our tour guide told us very detailed information about the history of the formation of cappadocia. Many civilizations have lived here. Christianity has spread throughout Europe after spreading here.

Cappadocia region, and a region that is very charming and beautiful place protected by UNESCO. Cappadocia cool Hasan Mountain formation is formed by the evaporation effect of rain and wind. Finally we went to Pigeon valley and we watched the flight of birds here and here especially pigeon. The tour we went to the Middle fortress town before with our guide and this house, which is composed of the classical Ottoman architecture in which yappıl two-storey bay windows and orchards. We went end of cappadocia highest hill forts and here and had a very nice view of cappadocia. We went Devrent and Pasabag valley. We went to the Zelve open air museum tours and here we joined the balloon. We went to 250 meters in height and had a very nice view of cappadocia. many balloons were flying in the sky. They made balloon flight certificate and champagne celebration. If we went to Goreme open air museum, and here and there were many fairy chimneys and cave people lived here. Reserved cave we went to church and the place is decorated with pictures of Jesus and Mary and Mozika are. Then we went to the underground city, which is 5-7 floors and 5,000 people to seek refuge where they used to hide from Roman soldiers and move here and they just continue their lives with bread water and wine.

made ​​cappadocia balloon tour

Cappadocia HAS BEEN under protection by UNESCO as a protected area. Cappadocia is located in the world heritage list. Cappadocia has occurred even if the formation Hasan mountain lava cooling effect of evaporation and rain and the wind. Private tours cappadocia We attended and Participated in the first as the balloon Zelve open air museum tour. Cappadocia balloon tour was very exciting and very fun. Even here we go 250 meters above the ground and flew many balloons. Cappodocia balloon tour After a champagne celebration and gift after the balloon flight certificate. Cappadocia is in the province of Nigde.
During our trip we went to Cappadocia All which is the first open-air museum is spread over a very to Goreme large area here and here and had numerous cave and fairy chimneys at It. Here were people who lived and made ​​Their religious worship. We went to church and hidden cave where Jesus and Mary is decorated with paintings and mosaics. Even if Christianity spread across Europe after spreading here. We went to Pigeon Valley and the flight of birds, many-including first pigeon is here where we watched. Finally, we went to the fortress and end here cappadocia highest peak here and had spectacular views of Cappadocia.


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